No credit needed.

Payday payments.

No hassle!

Payvantage provides fast and easy approval on the latest mobile devices with no-credit payments.

An Easy Process

Apply and Approval

Apply online or in-store for fast approval. Our non-credit verification makes getting approved simple.

Make Payday Payments

Our easy payment method syncs up with your paychecks. Pay when YOU get paid.

Take it Home!

Take home your phone and enjoy! Rest easy knowing you've got the latest device for worry free calls and data.

A simple process to

get the phone you

need and deserve!

Our easy to follow process gets to you a quick and easy approval with Payvantage.


1. Apply Online or In-Store

Fill out our short application and a Payvantage representative will reach out to discuss your approval and credit limit.

2. Verify Direct Deposit

If needed, the Payvantage representative will verify you have a paycheck direct deposit and the frequency of payment.

3. Pick Your Mobile Device

Great! You've been approved for financing and it's time to pick from the latest Android and iOS mobile devices.

4. Receive Your Device

Pick up your device at a Payvantage partner store, or have it shipped to your doorstep.

5. Make Payday Payments

Payvantage payments are scheduled to sync with payday for no-hassle lease installments.

6. Enjoy & Stay Connected!

Stay connected to the things you love most with your new device and plan from Payvantage.

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